Medical Tyranny is Here: Healthcare Experts Offer Advice

Refuse to vaccinate your child and your doctor could “fire” you. Question a medical procedure for your son or daughter, and the hospital could call child protective services. These are just a few of the many real-life incidents raised during the Medical Freedom Panel, sponsored by Mammoth Nation and held at last month’s Mom’s for America conference in Dallas. Tanya Parus, medical specialist for Moms for America, moderated the discussion with Dr. Peter McCullough, leading internist cardiologist and epidemiologist and Covid expert, and Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN, and Founder/Executive Director of Remnant Healthcare, a private membership association specializing in the consultation and care of the vaccine injured.

Vaccinations and the Loss of Medical Freedom

Dr. McCullough sounded a wakeup call on the current state of medical freedom. “What's happened over time has been a steady progression of loss of freedoms for mothers and families regarding their children's health,” Dr. McCullough said, “and much of this has stemmed around the childhood vaccine program.”

Indeed, the number of childhood vaccines has skyrocketed. In 1986 in utero to 12 months old, a child received 5 doses of vaccines. Now, that same-aged infant is recommended to receive more than 30 shots (some vaccines are broken into several doses), including Covid-19, RSV, Hep B and Flu. And a study from the “American Journal of Preventative Medicine” found that 25 percent of pediatricians had fired patients (or their parents) for refusing vaccines.

It's clear that parents are pressured to vaccinate their children. Factors include financial incentives to doctors to vaccinate their patients, along with states requiring childhood vaccines to attend school.

Image from @AaronSiriSG

Big Pharma Rewards Pediatricians for Pushing Vaccines

“There are some really great pediatricians out there, but overall, the profession has been bought and paid for,” Overton said. “A lot of people don't realize that these physicians are financially incentivized, sometimes to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to stay in compliance with the CDC schedule.  I tell people all the time these wellness visits are nothing more than pushing these jabs--the childhood vaccines and the COVID vaccines. Listen, parents can weigh and measure their children all on their own.”  “Save trips to a trusted physician when your children are ill”, she added.

“The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have published a memorandum stating that vaccines are not sufficiently safe or effective to ever mandate, and everyone should always have a choice.”

Even medical bodies have agreed, Dr. McCullough said.

Stay Away From Hospitals; Don’t Take a Covid Test

Overton warned people to avoid hospitals if possible. “Everything ties back to these financial incentives,” she said, referring especially to the treatments pushed during the pandemic. “A lot of why I left my career as a bedside nurse was due to what I saw happening inside the hospitals.”

Unless you’re acutely ill, Dr. McCullough recommends that patients refuse Covid tests, which were used liberally during the pandemic. Under the CARES Act, hospitals received greater reimbursements from the federal government for uninsured patients who tested positive for Covid, got vaccines or needed Covid treatment. So, everyone from car accident victims to hip surgery patients, got tested.

If your child goes into the hospital for something like an ankle sprain or a case of possible appendicitis or something like that, “Say ‘no my child doesn't have Covid, and  decline the test,” he said, “because if the test is positive, this whole sequence of losing your rights and going into isolation happens, and one quickly loses ability to control what's going on.”

Do Not Accept Remdesivir Treatment; Have an Advocate

In the same way, he strongly advised people to know their medical rights and have a strong advocate if they must be admitted to the hospital. He cited a recent case where a parent tried to ask for their child to be given a gentler drug and the hospital threatened to call child protective services. If one has acute Covid, he strongly warned against therapeutics such as Remdesivir, sold under the other brand name Veklury. Dr. McCullough has said that the World Health Organization has warned against using this drug twice, most recently in the “Lancet” in May 2022. “This is very important --do not use it because it doesn't reduce mortality and for some people, it causes liver and kidney injury and that can be in the causal pathway to death.”

Still the National Institutes of Health recommends its use. “As a caregiver and a legally authorized representative you need to establish these boundaries do not use this product. There are plenty of safe drugs that we can use to get somebody through the illness.”

Addressing the Tainted Blood Supply Issue

Another major issue the panel covered was that the general U.S. blood supply is now tainted with the mRNA spike protein. It’s something the Red Cross vehemently denies. “That’s a real problem and that's something that we don't talk about enough,” Overton said, noting that people have told her they are afraid of being infected with a tainted blood transfusion during a hospital stay. “How do they know they're not getting vaccinated blood?” she asked. “They don't differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated. You should see when you ask the hospital staff about that. The looks that they give you--it's like we're cuckoo.”

Her organization, Remnant Healthcare, partnered with Pure Blood Registry to procure clean unvaccinated blood for directed donation. “We really need to continue having these conversations.”

How to Wake People Up about Covid and the Jabs

Parus asked the panel what inspirational comment they had to get more doctors and more nurses to stand up and speak the truth about Covid and the jabs.

“The way you approach people is everything,” Overton said. “I worked through the pandemic, and I ask people, ‘if the virus alone was killing people, then why weren't we pulling bodies from homes and off of the streets?’ Think about our homeless population that weren't receiving any treatment at all. The only place that anyone was dying was within our hospitals and not enough people are asking why.”

Dr. McCullough said doctors need to hear constant feedback from their patients to turn the corner. He recommended to have a conversation with your doctor, nurses and even people in the waiting room about why the vaccine isn’t a good idea based on your research. Some doctors are starting to see the light. On his Substack, he wrote about a doctor who recently changed her mind about the jabs, after seeing so many patients with blood clots and heart damage.

“We’ve got a million doctors in the United States; the estimate is that initially only 500 doctors knew what was going on,” Dr. McCullough said. “We were the ones treating patients. We have a long way to go.”

Two new films have come out that could also help illuminate the truth for those open to hearing it. The first is “The Unseen Crisis,” a film about the vaccine injured on The Epoch Times. The other is “The Epidemic of Fraud” , a film about the suppression and demonization of early treatments for COVID by filmmaker John Davidson, who used to make ads promoting the jab until he realized the truth.