What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud

If you’re tired of hearing about the election fraud efforts that the White House is prepping for the November election, don’t lose hope! Election integrity nonprofit True the Vote and Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project both have plans to fight back. First, let’s quickly unpack the latest in the bag of tricks the left has in store for November. 


Zuckbucks on Steroids

Have you heard of Executive Order 14019? Biden issued it in March 2021 to try to cement future election wins. It sounds innocent enough, with the name “Promoting Access to Voting.” But what it really does is turn six agencies of the $6 trillion federal government into get-out-the-vote centers, using your taxpayer money. Charlie Kirk calls it “Zuckbucks X 1,000” and says on his X feed (@CharlieKirk11), “This is totally illegal and a multi-trillion dollar advantage for Joe Biden ahead of November.”


The order is currently being challenged in a suit brought by 27 Pennsylvania state legislators, and it might work its way up to the Supreme Court. Congress, which controls the power of the purse, could stop this, but alas, it does nothing. According to the Federalist, the suit alleges that “Biden has infringed on the lawmakers’ constitutional rights and responsibilities to operate elections without federal and state executive branch meddling.”


Pennsylvania knows first-hand what outside election interference looks like. In 2020, more than $22 million ZuckBucks came to the state under the guise of Covid relief and flowed to leftist nonprofits. More than 90 percent of these funds went to counties that ended up going for Joe Biden.


Making it Difficult to Track Citizenship 

EO 14019 also muddies the waters for those working toward verifying citizenship at the polls. True the Vote explains that this EO is pushing federal agencies to promote voter registration in areas where “eligibility statuses cannot be effectively tracked.” This includes students, prison populations, and non-citizens. In the 2020 presidential election, we learned of radical liberal students who road-tripped from New York to Pennsylvania for the day to vote illegally, and then bragged about it to their parents. So, it’s a safe bet this happened and will happen again if sanctions aren’t put in place to stop it.


Apply for Medicaid and Get a Voter Card, Too! 

Over the last three years, it’s estimated that the Biden Administration has welcomed more than 10 million illegals over the border. True the Vote explains that these non-citizens are also being offered voter registration via social service programs. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and EO 14019 explain how the federal government pulls this off. NVRA expanded mail-in voting and empowered federal agencies such as Medicaid to offer voter registration services. Case in point: it was revealed recently that Medicaid in South Carolina, a solidly red state, was caught offering voter registration services to illegals. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster is taking action to address this, but it’s worth keeping an eye on and reporting if you see it in your state. 


NGOs and Blue States Getting into the Act

The Heritage’s Oversight Project has similarly had Biden’s 14019 in its crosshairs.  According to The Blaze, the Oversight Project found the NGOs and state agencies pushing the EO are all left-leaning. For instance, it listed the groups attending a 2021 meeting on how to enforce the plan, including ACLU, the Anti-Defamation League, Black Votes Matter, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Open Society Policy Center, and the NAACP. It also uncovered that this past March, the U.S. Small Business Administration did a deal with the Michigan Department of State to go all in on the EO. 

Magic Wand Citizenship

The final step to lock in these illegal votes is to just make them all citizens with a wave of an Oval Office pen. Yes, that’s right. On March 26, 2024, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., published a letter urging Biden to issue another executive order and “take all available actions to streamline pathways to lawful status for undocumented immigrants, providing certainty to American businesses, communities and families who rely on them.” The letter, which any hard-working American should find nauseating, was signed by pals the likes of Sens. Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders. 

Perhaps that’s not even necessary if the fine print in the election code that True the Vote’s co-founder Catherine Engelbrecht discovered is enforced. In a recent Tucker Carlson interview on X, she explained, “What you read is that non-citizens can vote without penalty if at the time they are voting, they believe themselves to be U.S. citizens.” 


What You Can Do About It 

Here’s the good news! You can do something about. Oversight Project and True the Vote both have ideas on how to stop the Biden cheating machine. 

True the Vote’s Plan:

  1. Scan Check Protect – Visit True the Vote’s Scan Check Protect Page to make sure you are registered in your current state. Here’s the good part—you can also check to see if you’re still registered in any states you’ve lived in previously and learn how to remove yourself from the voter rolls. This also works for removing dead relatives who might still be voting. Yes, this does happen unfortunately. 
  2. IV3 – If you see yourself as an armchair investigator for election fraud,  IV3 is for you!  Join the team of U.S. citizens to clean up the voter rolls. This web-based app enables an automated way to verify the accuracy of voter registrations, pinpoint fake records (such as addresses on empty lots and post office boxes or dead voters.) Here’s the good part: it also makes it easy to report any fishy records to the local authorities and uses nationally recognized databases to help you stay up to date on the recent changes to your local voter rolls. During election audits after the 2020, it was found that voter rolls changed dramatically days before and after the election, another red flag. This is an excellent role for people who are homebound or can log on at night to do a few hours or work on their schedule. 
  3. 611 Project – Visit and read True the Vote’s 611 Project: A Non-Citizen Voting Primer. Get involved and learn all you can about your state election laws. Is there a loophole like no valid ID required that allows non-citizens to vote? Learn what’s on the books and then what’s happening in the polling place. How does non-citizen voting affect your local, state and national elections? Sign up for the True the Vote weekly newsletter with election integrity updates and share information to educate friends! 


The Oversight Project’s Advice:

In an interview with The Blaze, Mike Howell, executive director of the Oversight Project, said while it’s too late for Congress to do a lot to stop the EO, states, have several options. 

First, states can fight how the executive order is applied regarding presidential elections. “States are well within their powers to pass laws solely governing presidential elections," wrote the Oversight Project. "To be sure, different procedures for Presidential Elections impose increased administrative burdens and costs, but those are justified by insulating at least that electoral process from partisan Executive Branch action."

Second, states also have the ability to make a stink about "partisan political activity inherent in the plans and actions of the federal employees involved." They could potentially argue that these are a violation of the Hatch Act. 

Third, the Oversight Project points out that the National Voter Registration Act states that “Federal and nongovernmental offices can only engage in the type of activities directed by the Executive Order if a state 'designate[s]' that office to act as a voter registration agency." So, Oversight Project reasons, "states could take all appropriate action to remove and attack designations of federal agencies to act under the NVRA that states did not make, or that were made by state officials without appropriate authority." College campuses and state prisons are worth a close look, it added. 


We’re All in this Fight Together 


True the Vote and Oversight Project are just two of many local and national election integrity initiatives around the country. In mid-April the Republican National Committee launched an election fraud effort to release 100,000 attorneys and volunteer poll watchers during the November election to fight election fraud. 

The takeaway is to get involved in whichever organization you prefer for as much time as you can afford. There is something everyone can do. It will take all our time (volunteering), talent (any kind of leadership position such as running for office or leading an election integrity team) or treasure (fund those in the fight) to win this battle. And it’s a battle we must fight. Remember election integrity is a non-partisan issue, so anyone who opposes it must have something to hide. We’ve got less than six months till the election. Let’s do this!