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Pure Organic Whey Protein Powder

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Whey protein powder
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A Better Whey provides the purest whey protein powder, formulated and produced by a veteran and medical professional to be the highest-performing supplement of its kind!

Veteran-created and owned, A Better Whey protein supplement powder was developed after years of research and testing. It started when the founder noticed long recovery times and muscle wasting in his fellow servicemen while deployed overseas. As the medical provider for his unit, he attempted to remedy this by contacting large retail companies that mass-produce supplement products. The products they supplied did not fix the issues and most resulted in gastrointestinal discomfort. After much research, he found that large retail companies do not use high-quality whey. The cows that produce their whey are fed non-grasses and subjected to pesticides, hormones, and large doses of antibiotics. In addition, large retail companies use a chemical additive to remove the H2O to form their whey protein powders. He knew there had to be a better whey protein!

A Better Whey sources from the only company in the world that guarantees 100% all-natural organic whey. The separating process is also cold pressed filtered, resulting in the purest form of whey protein powder available. When the improved protein powder blend was introduced to his unit, recovery times lessened with no muscle wasting and no additional gastrointestinal issues. The product quickly circulated from the Marines to the Navy, the Army, the Airforce, and now to the civilian market. The powder comes in a variety of flavored blends that mix easily and taste great!

A Better Whey continues to support our military by providing free protein to deployed units and donating a portion of proceeds to support military causes – especially those that recognize our fallen heroes and care for their families.