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Alexa Martha Designs


handmade artisan jewelry from Alexa Marth Designs Alexa Martha Designs is a small home-based jewelry business in Montana that features handmade artisan jewelry that is unique and dramatic in design and made with exceptional craftsmanship. Alexa Martha offers handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings and more. They are made with precious metals and copper in combination with gemstones and crystals, employing various jewelry making techniques. She raises awareness to several causes that are close to her heart such as Child Abuse Prevention and Suicide Prevention Awareness.

Alexa Martha, born into a German jewelry-making family, grew up in her dad's business and learned to be around tools from a very early age. This kindled a passion in her to do creative things in life with metal and gem stones, so she embraced her family heritage as a goldsmith/jewelry designer. Years after Alexa met her love of her life and soulmate Timothy, they started a little family of their own in the Black Forest, then relocated to Montana. After their second child went to school, Alexa got her Citizenship and returned to making jewelry. She kept her roots in metal smithing, but became an avid wire wrapper and weaver. Alexa also does complex bead work. After a long time of trial and error, Lexi Butler Designs was finally launched as an online business in 2015. It was renamed and relaunched under the new domain name, Alexa Martha Designs, in December of 2020.
handmade artisan jewelry from Alexa Marth Designs
Alexa Martha is an Artisan who was featured on Montana local TV for the art of wire sculpting in 2018 on the segment Montana Made. Several Celebrities like Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones have modeled Alexa’s designs. Today you can find many Alexa Martha Designs jewelry products on over 230 retailer e-commerce websites as well as several brick and mortar retail locations.


to ENRICH YOUR LIFE by purposely designing well crafted jewelry, including the health benefits of wearing copper for today's men and women. Also, to handcraft each piece with LOVE, PASSION and SKILL for your long time enjoyment.

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