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All-Natural Beard Care Products

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Beard Oil - Balm - Butter

American Dude Company offers Premium All Natural Craft Beard Care Products – Handmade in America by Americans!

Beard care products are essential for the health and appearance of your beard - whether short, long or in the growing stage.

Many companies claim that their oil can perform miracles, but the simple truth is that there are no miracle beard oils. We do not claim that our products are miraculous; we do claim that if a product comes closest to it, it is ours. We accomplish this by maximizing the number of beneficial nutrients that can be jammed into a 1oz Boston Round. Since the volume of a 1oz Boston Round cannot be altered, we set out on a mission to find natural oils that are innately more abundant with the stuff that really matters for our beards. Every ingredient we use in our blends has undergone tremendous research, scrutiny, and testing to meet these criteria. We are sure that you will see the difference when using our oils, butters, and balms.

American Dude Company was established at the beginning of 2021 during the height of the ongoing attack on our individual liberties and freedoms. Rather than remain neutral, we chose to take a pro-American patriotic approach to our business. We are ardent supporters of our First and Second Amendments and will always protect our God-given rights to freely speak, practice religion, and protect ourselves, our property, and our loved ones.

Our values are represented in our products and the way we treat our customers. Our oath as a company is always made in America, and whenever possible, always work with American companies and support small American businesses.

We believe in the protection of our borders because we are a sovereign nation.

We believe that children should be left alone — let them be children… and while we’re on the topic, we believe you should take those hormone blockers and dump them down your own gullets.

We believe that you should shove your mask and vaccine mandates up your rear end.

We believe a woman is a person with XX chromosomes.

We believe you are even stupider than you look if you think you’re taking our guns.

We believe that America is being destroyed from within… it is past time that we elect representatives who will fight for our constitutional rights, which means no RINOs or spineless leaders.

We want to thank our active military, our veterans, and our first responders for putting your lives on the line for your fellow Americans. We are eternally grateful for your bravery and your sacrifices.