Amish Country Soap Company

Exceptional Handmade Soaps, Bath Products & Skincare

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Soaps - Lotions - Foot Care - Salves - Skincare - Men's Grooming
The Amish Country Soap Company is a family-owned business renowned for its high-quality, handmade soaps and bath products. Nestled in the heart of Ohio's picturesque Amish Country, the company draws inspiration from a tradition that dates back to 1762.

Each soap is meticulously crafted using all-natural ingredients, including nourishing oils, botanical extracts, and soothing essential oils. The company's commitment to traditional craftsmanship is evident in its dedication to producing small-batch, artisanal products that prioritize both effectiveness and gentle care for the skin. From fragrant lavender bar soap, Detoxifying Charcoal bar soap, rich skin nourishing lotions, and many other bath and body essential products, the Amish Country Soap Company is committed to natural useful purposeful products.

What sets the Amish Country Soap Company apart is not just the exceptional quality of their products but also their unwavering commitment to sustainability, conservative values, and USA-made products.

We look forward to serving your needs and welcoming you to the Amish Country Soap Company Family.