Hand Forged Jewelry & Free Form Pottery

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Jewelry - Rosary - Pottery

B JANECKA is a mother, daughter, and grandchildren joint venture. We offer artisan-crafted, free-form pottery and hand-forged jewelry. Every piece is crafted with love. Our love of creation, our children, and our grandchildren is emanated in our work. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer as a multi-generational endeavor as much as we do.

Hand Forged Jewelry
We hand forge all components to create our jewelry with sterling silver and copper from the USA. Hand forging is the direct crafting of metal into a piece of jewelry that doesn’t involve wax, molds, or castings. To create beaded necklaces, we hand knot the gemstones together using silk thread or hand wrap each gemstone with sterling silver to create a chain.

Free Form Pottery
Each handcrafted pottery piece is one of a kind. We start with a block of porcelain clay flattened through a slab roller. Each piece is hand-cut, textured, shaped, bisque-fired, and glazed in a kiln. The clay and glazes we use are all from the USA.