Backwoods Bliss

Boutique Clothing & Accessories That Extoll Love of God

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Signs & Home Accessories - Room Spray - Car Freshies - Dish Soaps - Drinkware
Clothing and accessories that extoll the love of God, family, and country from Backwoods Bliss!

Welcome to Backwoods Bliss! We are proud to bring you our traditions & love for God, Family, & Country! All of the items we design and offer at Backwoods Bliss are made or brought into our store with those 3 things in the forefront of all of our inspiration that we love to bring to our customers!

Many of our products are made and/or designed by us, but we also have a passion for supporting USA small businesses, and that is where our boutique side comes in! We source some pretty awesome items from other USA Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs located all across America. We do our very best to find as many products as we can that are made and/or designed in the USA.

We are from a small town ourselves, and we know how important it is to find an item and not see the entire town wearing or having that same item. That is why we pride ourselves in offering limited quantities of each item, up to 12 pieces of a design and/or brand! This ensures you can enjoy what you find and not feel like everyone else has the same thing! We also enjoy bringing to you, the customer, all of the fun finds from each Small Business we come across! We take pride in our country and all of the hard work that goes into making an item. All of our products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!