BAIST Gloves

Gloves Born in Vermont | Built for Everest

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From beginner to black diamond, from one end of the ski resort to the other, BAÏST makes the best, most sturdy ski gloves available.

BAÏST was born from the need for gloves that are beast. Designed and tested in America's frontier, in some of the harshest conditions, these gloves can do it all. Our company is fueled by people who are passionate about winter sports and believe in our mission. We firmly believe that by staying direct to consumers, we can maintain higher quality products than our competitors at fair prices.

We sell high-performance gloves for outdoor sports. We use premium genuine goat skin leather along with the highest quality materials. These gloves will keep you warmer than anything else out there and are extremely versatile. With the ability to adapt to your surroundings, the BAÏST Gloves System™ is rated from -40°F to 45°F.