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Masters Series - Neuropathy Series - Sports Series


Balance Sock is nothing like the typical therapeutic sock you can buy virtually anywhere — not by a long shot. Dr. Michael Hames began to develop the idea when he saw an advertisement for a sock that claimed to improve balance. However, he was disappointed to learn that it was no different from ordinary compression socks.

In his practice, Dr. Hames works with many patients who experience balance issues, and the usual remedy is through bracing or physical therapy. He wondered whether a completely unique sock could provide a simpler, more effective solution. After many months of design, development, and refinement, Dr. Hames tested his breakthrough invention with approximately 50 patients in clinical studies — and the results were astounding: Wearers experienced immediate, real-time balance improvement, while nearly 95% reported improved or complete relief from neuropathy symptoms.

Not only did Dr. Hames design this breakthrough product, but having served in the Army and having an active-duty son who is part owner of Balance Doctor LLC, it was important to support our country and keep manufacturing here in the US. All design, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping are done in the US.

Our neuropathy series is the first medical sock developed specifically to soothe burning feet, ankles, and lower legs. This unique design hugs the nerve on either side of the ankle to ease the pain at its source — all scientifically to improve balance.