Natural Foot Orthotics

Natural Foot Orthotics

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Natural Foot Orthotics


Natural Foot Orthotics is a family run business established in 1997. We manufacture our orthotic arch supports in the USA with a proprietary blend of the highest quality materials. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones through your foot, leg and back pain issues. With 25 years of experience we can help!

The Original and Slim Stabilizer orthotic inserts help put your foot into the desired subtalar neutral position, helping reshape the foot by reestablishing all four arches of each foot. This immediately takes pressure off the heel, forefoot and the plantar fascia ligament, distributing body weight more evenly across the bottom of the foot.

Both the Original Stabilizers (for medium to high arches) and Slim Stabilizers (for lower arches) may help solve these specific problems naturally, without medications, shots and could help avoid surgery:

  •plantar fasciitis
  •heel pain
  •lower back pain
  •bunions and hammertoes
  •balance and posture issues
  •sciatica and neuromas

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