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High-quality non-toxic disinfectants from BioBlasting!

Arthur L. Handson III started BioBlasting after his son contracted a virus in his first trimester and was born with cognitive disabilities. The virus would have been preventable with proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Arthur then identified a dilemma: effective disinfectants were toxic, while nontoxic disinfectants were ineffective.

Arthur's commitment to hands-on research led to the creation of BioBlast Disinfectant®, which mimics the response of the human body's white blood cells to invading pathogens. Its easy-to-use spray application eliminates cross-contamination and human error. He also developed a cleaner that eliminates biofilm, to be used alongside BioBlast Disinfectant® in a two-step cleaning and disinfecting process. Most importantly, all BioBlasting products are manufactured in New Jersey using nontoxic, organic ingredients.

In the last several years, BioBlasting has become synonymous with the best defense against viruses and bacteria. Keep your family, pets, and staff healthy. BioBlasting: People, Pet, and Planet-friendly.