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Dill Zucchini Relish - Sweet Zucchini Relish - Sweet with a Little Heat Zucchini Relish
Our company started in a small kitchen some 40 years ago, making a coveted sweet relish for family and friends. Although the small kitchen is now a large commercial processing facility in North Western Montana, we continue to process each flavor in small batches to preserve the taste and texture we have become so famous for.

We use only the best and freshest organic, non-gmo, vegan, kosher produce and spices available. Local growers are our first choice in selecting quality ingredients for our Zucchini Relish Products. Bitterroot Zucchini Relish Products have no preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors. The processing techniques are exclusive to our Brand. There are three flavors available: the original Sweet, a very tasty Dill, and our newest Relish, Sweet With a Little Heat. Just a hint of "Heat" from the robust Habanero Pepper gives this Sweet Relish a very distinctive taste. You will agree the taste and texture are unlike any other relish on the market. We pride ourselves on making the freshest, tastiest, and most colorful relishes there are available. Even the most "relish" reluctant customers have converted to Bitterroot Zucchini Relish Products much to their surprise and delight! Some say they will never use any other relish brand.