Bourbon Cowgirl

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Country Girls & Cowgirl Apparel & Accessories - Home Decor & Artwork

Bourbon Cowgirl was created by Sherri Blum, an entrepreneur and inventor, to celebrate strong, independent and spirited women. Sherri's inspiration came from finding support from these women while surviving her own hardships. As she has transitioned from survivor to thriver, she wants to show her appreciation to those who supported her by being a positive force for all women.

The Bourbon Cowgirl rejoices in the success of others and embraces the fact that different women take different paths on their journeys. She knows that she does not elevate herself by putting others down – rather, she lifts herself by lifting others. She is open-minded and accepting but will not be bullied.

The Bourbon Cowgirl loves her family. She loves liberty and America. She is not ashamed to believe in God. She is unafraid to speak her mind and has a sharp sense of humor.

More than anything else, a Bourbon Cowgirl opens her heart to those women who may be struggling with personal issues and benefit from the understanding and encouragement of women who have survived the struggle and come out better for it.

Bourbon Cowgirl's products help women express their thoughts in a fun and witty way. While some messages are more serious than playful, they are all consistent with the mission of Bourbon Cowgirl – to celebrate strong, independent and spirited women.