Cell Phone & Tablet Shades for Privacy & Glare Reduction

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Cell Phone Shades - Tablet Shades
Discounts on device shades for your mobile devices from CellShadez!

CellShadeZ and TabletShadeZ are the 1st and only mobile device shades in the world, invented and made in the USA from superior Neoprene.

Our ShadeZ offer a level of eye protection from Blue Light Rays while reducing ‘screen glare.’ Weather, ozone, UV, and water resistant, our ShadeZ are also latex-free, soft, durable, and tear-resistant and maintain flexibility over a wide temperature range – whether on a ski slope or on a tropical beach, reduce screen glare or prying eyes with CellShadeZ and TabletShadeZ!

When not in use, CellShadeZ fold into compact 3”x3” squares while small-medium TabletShadeZ fold into 5.5”x3.5” squares and medium-large TabletShadeZ fold into 7”x4” squares. Hand wash and drip dry.