Stay-Put Pillow

One Pillow for All Resting Occasions!

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Travel Pillow

The Stay-Put Pillow, finally one pillow for all resting occasions!!

INSPIRATION | As a father and longtime youth pastor, often traveling long distances as a family or with a group to church events, I realized there wasn't a good travel pillow on the market ANYWHERE. One late night, while driving home from a concert many hours away, the concept of a new and innovative travel pillow dropped into my mind. What my tired passengers needed was a pillow that would stay in place — a pillow with a hole to put your arm through to ensure it wouldn't slip! I decided to create this pillow for my family and others, and now it's known as the Stay-Put Pillow.

ULTIMATE TRAVEL PILLOW | The Stay-Put Pillow is a very simple yet effective travel pillow. Our patented design has a hook to rest comfortably around the neck and a center armhole to keep the pillow from slipping. As the passenger relaxes into the pillow, it stays securely positioned against the vehicle door. A long, uncomfortable road trip can become a comfy ride and an opportunity to enjoy true rest. These pillows are not just for road trips; they are also essential for airplane flights.

MORE THAN TRAVEL | But, we didn't stop with travel... the Stay-Put Pillow is the perfect all-purpose pillow! Many owners of Stay-Put Pillows use them at home as a side sleeping pillow in bed, as a recliner or couch pillow, and even while camping. Others use them to provide needed comfort in wheelchairs and hospital chairs.

DESIGN JUST FOR FLIGHTS | The latest (and greatest) design for air travel is perfect for any seat on the plane. It's similar to the original but shorter for convenience. The Airplane version has a bungee and button sewn in keeping the pillow hooked around the neck. The hole works the same way as the original, supporting the arms for maximum comfort. The patented design just works, whether the passenger is by the window, in the dreaded CENTER SEAT, or in the aisle.

TO GOD BE THE GLORY | We are proud to say this simple product was inspired by God, created for His work, and is helping with the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus and conservative causes.

We hope you can take your rest to your BEST-REST! with a Stay-Put Pillow.

–God Bless, Justin