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Fishing Tackle Including the Rockport Rattler

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High-quality rattling jig head on the Rockport Rattler from Chicky Tackle Company!

Chicky Tackle Company, LLC, is owned by the husband and wife team of Charles & Vicky. Thus the name Chicky, "Ch" from Charles, and "icky" from Vicky. Our brand is the Rockport RattlerĀ®, which is a patented rattling jig head. We are a God-fearing, 2nd Amendment Loving, Military, and First Responder supporting company based in Texas, but our reach is much farther than that. We manufacture fishing jigs and hooks with our patented rattle chamber for just about every species in both freshwater and saltwater.

Our products are built on science to take even a dormant fish and put it in reactionary strike mode by stimulating all of the fish's senses. Our patented rattling chamber creates a vibration that can be detected by the fish's lateral lines and a sound that can be heard by the fish's otoliths (ear drums). These are the sensory systems that can be reached from the furthest distances in water. Sound and vibration travel a long way in water. All of the prey that fish feed on make clicking noises. Even schools of bait fish make clicking noises with their gill plates. Next would be the sensory of scent. If you are using a scented plastic or applying a scent to your plastic, you have addressed the next furthest sensory.

Next would be the sensory of vision. All of our jigs have bright painted finishes and have light reflecting diamond cut eyes to aid in this visual recognition of the fish's prey. 

The last sensory is taste. When that happens, it is time to set the hook. We have even filmed a TV show while Crappie fishing where we tested our jigs against non-rattling jigs that demonstrated a 10 to 1 catch advantage! This can be seen on our YouTube channel.

If you are in pursuit of fish, it is best to use the best bait you can. We feel Rockport Rattler stacks the odds more in your favor.