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Save on a variety of hand-chosen quality cigars from Cigar Samplers!

Cigar Samplers — Where the Cigars are the Stars!

Over the past 20 years, I've personally gotten to know so many cigar enthusiasts. Several of these friends suggested I start my own business. Well, here l am with CigarSamplers! Why CigarSamplers, you may ask? While I might be the little guy starting from scratch, I can buy cigars in bulk, so there is no need for fancy boxes or packaging (you can't smoke packaging!). Most importantly, I can offer GREAT cigars at fair prices using my extensive knowledge and experience in the cigar industry.

Everyone enjoys variety, and that is what I do best. All my packs feature premium branded cigars from the world's top cigar makers. To make it even better, every CigarSamplers purchase comes with FREE SHIPPING, regardless of how many samplers you order! These tasty cigars come in my "Stay Fresh Humidor Bag" and are ready to smoke now - no rest needed.

I value all of you and extend a sincere THANK YOU for your business!

Dream Big,
Jeff Brown - President