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CME Business Solutions is located in Pekin, Illinois. We specialize in refrigerants, additives, injects, sealants, and tools for most air conditioning systems at affordable prices. CME Business Solutions makes a point of stocking a huge variety of refrigerant and inject types. You can always turn to us for your most common needs and those that only come up once or twice a year.

The products we market have been perfected over the years and are pharmaceutical grade, highly refined, and computer blended to within 1/4 of 1% by a major American petrochemical supplier. This means our products are consistent each and every time our customers use them!

Also, check out The Hydrating Coffee - the first electrolyte-infused ground coffee. Maintaining performance - whether you're a serious cycler or an all-out activity enthusiast - requires more than just drinking H2O. That's not surprising. Studies show 50% of coffee consumers aren't adequately hydrating. You don't have to choose between feeling alert and feeling hydrated. ElectroBrew delivers both, with a beautiful infusion of electrolytes and the highest quality, single-origin coffees.

We work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases and orders are processed immediately. Weekday orders ship on the same day.