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Consulting Services
The latest in A&D engineering tools and methods from Ten Tech Aerospace & Defense Inc!

From Air, Land & Sea Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems to Ventricular Assist Devices; from 10’ tall Smart City digital kiosks deployed in major cities around the world to 5D Simulator Rides and amusement park roller coasters, TEN TECH AEROSPACE & DEFENSE's engineers support and guide manufacturing companies in designing better, safer products faster and at a reduced cost.

With decades of industrial experience and high expertise in Computer-Aided Engineering tools & methods, TEN TECH A&D is able to predict product performance without the use of costly physical prototypes. Evaluating more design variants in a fraction of the time, and catching potentially catastrophic design flaws early in the design process allows our clients to gain a competitive advantage and dominate their respective market.

TEN TECH AEROSPACE & DEFENSE, Inc. is an ITAR-registered Mechanical Engineering Consulting company headquartered in Nashua, NH providing Mechanical Design, Analysis, Hardware Prototyping, and Manufacturing services with Subject Matter Expertise in Structural Dynamics, Thermal Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace & Defense, Hi-Tech Electronics, Automotive, Medical and Renewable Energy, Weapons and Combat Systems applications.

As an active contributor in many defense programs, US Government Contractor, CAGE Code Holder, ITAR and JCP registered company with an active Military Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD Form 2345) TEN TECH A&D is well-versed in and fully compliant with the ITAR/EAR Export Control Regulations for technology and technical data. All of our facilities, data servers, and offsite storage centers are located in the US. All of our employees are US Citizens and have received extensive training on ITAR/EAR matters.

Our highly experienced team uses industry-standard, proven methods and tools to provide advanced design, manufacturing, and analysis services, allowing accurate prediction and prevention of thermal and structural failure.

TEN TECH A&D takes pride in its can-do attitude and ability to tackle the most complex problems as well as in its speed and quality of delivery, bringing unparalleled value to the clients we support.