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Motor Oil - Heavy Duty Oil - Motorcycle Oil - Gear Oil - Marine Oil - 2 Cycle Engine Oil
Cool Blue Oil is the exclusive online partner for TriboDyn Lubricants. TriboDyn Lubricants were developed by a team of world-renowned U.S. Tribologists.

TriboDyn is so unique and works so well it became the first oil to earn a United States Functional Patent in over 30 years! A Function Patent requires a product prove what is DOES, not simply what it is. TriboDyn only uses premium grade FULL Synthetic and Synthetic Blend base oils. We have hundreds of reviews available from our customers who rave about the increased fuel mileage, better shifting, horsepower increases they experienced after switching to TriboDyn.

TriboDyn is proudly blended in small batches in our ISO 9001 approved facility in Mooresville, NC, home of many top NASCAR, Indycar, and IMSA race teams. All orders ship direct from the factory. Shipping is Free for Mammoth Nation Members in the Continental U.S.