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Wrenches - Sockets - Hex Keys - Tool Storage & Organization - Automotive Tools
We are located in the great state of Florida and are passionate about designing and producing unique, versatile, high-quality tools that solve problems for our customers. Every IronClaw product benefits from over 30 years of experience in the Automotive Tool Industry. We combine the knowledge of how tools are used with an understanding of how they are made to offer innovative professional-grade tools at reasonable prices. Using only the highest quality materials and strict quality controls, our tools are produced with the Professional user in mind so they will get the job done and last a lifetime.

Our IronClaw wrenches are the ultimate tools for removing stubborn fasteners in tight spaces. The patented design allows the tool to grip the nut or bolt without rounding the corners and will even remove a fastener that has been rounded by another tool. Our wrenches have ratcheting mechanisms on both the open end and the box end, so you can remove nearly any fastener quickly, regardless of where it is located. Most of our wrenches will work on both SAE and Metric fasteners using the same wrench so you literally only need to buy half the number of wrenches to cover all of your needs. Grabbing just a few wrenches saves time and keeps you from making multiple trips back to your toolbox.