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High-quality 100% cotton dish rags from Country Cottons!

Even in this age of man-made materials, nothing can match 100% cotton for strength, durability, feel, and beauty. That is why we, at Country Cottons, ensure that all of our products are made from 100% cotton; grown, woven, and finished in the Carolinas. We still believe in the integrity that was so common in products manufactured generations ago. We started with creating the perfect dishcloth and once that was done we expanded to other indispensable 100% cotton products.

Our dishcloths are a touch of the past from Grandma's kitchen to yours. Say goodbye to stinky dishrags. Our dishcloths are designed in component, construction, and processed in such a way that they resist souring.

They remain tough enough to clean the dirtiest pots and pans and durable enough to last for years. We are proud of our products because we believe they are the best. We think you will agree with us once you try them for the first time.