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Rugged 4G & 5G Mobile Internet Cases
We all want to be "off grid" from time to time, but responsibilities often make it impossible. If only you could find a way to have high-speed internet, wherever you are, available at the touch of one button. Working from home could be working from anywhere. Now, you can transform how you connect with one of our ultra-secure mobile 4G or 5G internet hard cases. Take meetings on the go while offroading in the wild. Watch Netflix on the lake. Do you work in a rural area where the local internet service provider just won't cut it? Cradlepoint technology is the standard network connection for law enforcement and is now available to the public in an easy-to-use package! Starlink can't match our technology when mobile. Never use a crappy hotel wifi network again.

But what if you want to livestream a country ranch wedding?
Livestream your social media presence from the gun range?
Stream Realtime video of your motorcycle club on the way to a rally?
Nobody brings broadband to the campsite and buys the beer.

Made by Service Disabled veterans in Dallas, Texas, our patented MAXPAK cases are TAA compliant and use the same rugged American Cradlepoint cellular radios used by the Secret Service, the FBI, US Marshals, and over 85% of police and emergency management vehicles across the USA. Our radios operate in any conditions and high-vibration environments, ranging from -40 to +158 Fahrenheit. We also offer Verizon data plans that are unmatched on the internet, featuring month-to-month Unlimited data with no overage charges or speed throttling. You can cancel anytime.