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Non-Edible Chew Toys - Pet Treats - Canine Oral Health Products
For over 75 years, Eco Global Pet has been a family-run business manufacturing product right here in the USA. We make pet products because we love our pets and wanted to create something better than what was in the marketplace. We currently manufacture three terrific lines of products that we all use on our dogs.

Chew'ems - The revolution in Non-Edible Chew Toys has begun! What was once a piece of splintering nylon, has been re-engineered to be a safe, healthy and engaging toy. The Benefits of Chew'ems

- No Splintering
- Helps with Digestive Issues
- Satisfies a Dogs need to chew
- Contains Minerals a dog is instinctively attracted to
- Provides Vitamin D
- Ergonomically designed with more chewing surface.

New England Naturals - Feed Your Dog the Way We Feed Ours! These simple and wholesome treats are made right here in the USA with locally sourced ingredients and designed with your pet's health in mind. We support shelters, animal rescues and lots of great organizations committed to doing good every day.

Waggletooth – The easiest way to clean your dog's teeth. Designed by a dentist and formulated by a veterinarian, Waggletooth has created a new way of caring for your dogs health.