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215 Gear™


Discounts on high quality gear and accessories made in the USA by 215 Gear!

High quality gear and accessories made in the USA by 215 Gear 215 GEAR™ is a 100% Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned and Operated company specializing in custom solutions for military and law enforcement.

At 215 Gear™, we live the American dream every day. Like many startups, we started with a need, but no market-based solution existed. As a new Operator in the 90s, I showed up to my unit to be issued Vietnam-era gear. Like any good new guy, I enjoyed modifying and tweaking my kit, looking for a better way to carry and use the gear needed for mission accomplishment. This all was prior to the invention of MOLLE and modular carry options. Learning the skills needed to use industrial sewing machines was essential to fix, modify and optimize issued gear, this fueled my obsession for the development of new ideas. During many deployments, I found myself modifying and making gear for Teammates who had similar issues with the standard kit. After a decade of doing this, we had the idea to pursue the American dream of starting our own company, making kits designed “By the Operator, For the Operator.”
High quality gear and accessories made in the USA by 215 Gear
We started with a single machine, an idea, and a spare room in our house. We brought needed equipment to the market with our typical innovation and attention to detail. Since 2008, we have grown into what we are today. 215 Gear™ is a full-line manufacturer of fully American-made products, as well as an OEM and custom manufacturer. Over 50% of the products we make are not on the site, as they are custom produced for a unit needing a solution to a problem. We are a pioneer in laser CAD cutting and marking of materials. Because of our unique understanding of not only how to manufacture a product but how the intended product needs to perform, we are able to provide solutions to the customer that maybe the customer didn’t think of. We enjoy the ability afforded to us to provide complete solutions to complex problems by some of our nation’s finest personnel.

Item for item, we cannot price compete with companies who outsource everything overseas, from their product packaging to the gear in the bag. What we can do is source the best materials made, combine that with real-world experience and produce a superior product. Made in America for the Americans defending our way of life.

215 Gear™ searches out the latest hardware and finest materials, combined with out-of-the-box thinking, providing products that are lighter, stronger, and faster than anything currently on the market.

Thank you for choosing 215 Gear™.

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