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EZ-Drinks Pitcher & Cocktail Ruler
"EZ-Drinks was born on the 4th of July, a day when family and friends celebrate their time together – and share a love of their favorite cocktails. No matter the occasion, we believe mixing great drinks should be as fun and trouble-free as possible. That's why we created the EZ-Drinks system: our simple-to-use rulers feature traditional cocktails that one of America's leading mixologists perfected. Serving wonderful drinks has never been easier! Whatever your reason for celebration, EZ-Drinks is sure to be the life of the party."

EZ-Drinks created a customized and patented pitcher accompanied by 5 "cocktail rulers." The pitcher is a 52 oz vessel allowing the consumer to create 12, 4oz servings per pitcher use. The EZ-Drink "cocktail rulers" have a base alcohol for each ruler: rum, vodka, gin, tequila and whiskey. There are 4 specialty cocktails per ruler with either 3 or 4 ingredients per cocktail. Decorative lines listing the tasty ingredients show users the appropriate amounts necessary to create delicious cocktails. All ingredients can easily be found at your local liquor and grocery stores. This is all about simplicity and taste for the consumer.

Below are the cocktails that have been created by our mixologist for the EZ-Drinks customized pitcher and "cocktail rulers":

Rum - Mai Tai, Passion Punch, Ginger Mojito, Daiquiri
Vodka - Cosmo, Midtown Martini, Summer Spritz, Summer Peach
Gin - White Lady, Wake-up Call, Raspberry Collins, Negroni
Tequila - Margarita, Hell Fire, Strawberry Rita, La Paloma
Whiskey - Bourbon & Berries, Whiskey Smash, Tennessee Outlaw, Brown Derby