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EZ Shade


The solution to exposed light bulbs from EZ Shade!

the EZ Shade clip on solution to exposed light bulbs Hate the glare of those bare light bulbs?
My name is Brian Wholehan the inventor of EZ Shade, a clip-on light cover.

EZ Shade is the easy, elegant and inexpensive way to cover exposed light bulbs.

It all started while I was living in Dubai. My apartment had 10 exposed light bulbs in the ceiling. I knew there had to be a cheaper and easier way of covering those bright lights. So I got to work.

I moved back to Toledo last year and have been exploring the viability of US sales.
the EZ Shade clip on solution to exposed light bulbs
I have also been able to work with local companies to produce the shade and metal bracket right here in Toledo making EZ Shade 100% USA Made! All of our packaging is done by Lott Industries, a non-profit organization that provides meaningful education and vocational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

The EZ Shade bracket simply clips onto any light bulb or existing fixture. The shades are made from recycled plastic to be environmentally friendly. In more technical terms, the shades are UV resistant, polycarbonate plastic, making them virtually unbreakable, heat resistant and won’t change color over time.

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