Father of Seven Sauces

Father of Seven Sauces

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Father of Seven Sauces are deliciously spicy and sweet. They work as perfect flavor enhancers, with just enough heat to awaken the taste buds without leaving you sweating like other hot sauces do. Father of Seven began in 2010 as improvised sauces for dishes from founder Tony’s family food truck business.

These sauces quickly became an all-time favorite with the students and staff at the high school where his food truck was permanently established for almost 12 years. The popularity of the sauces began to rise, and people began asking if they could just buy the sauce itself. Tony began bottling and selling the sauces to customers and restaurants alike.

Tony officially started the business Father of Seven, LLC in 2018, with the encouragement of his seven adult children. Thus the company has become a gift from him and his wife for their children. This sauce embodies their family’s enduring love for each other through the good and trying times. Father of Seven is a true family business, founded and made in America, and born of a family that stands on a foundation of faith and love.

Currently, they offer three flavors, with plans to add more, each representing the seven children and their father. It’s this spice of life, a blend of love and dedication to great taste, that Father of Seven wants to share with you!

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