Fox Sharpshooter Putter Grip

Premium Putter Grip That Helps Improve Accuracy

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Fox Sharpshooter Putter Grip

An expert golf putting aid guaranteed to help you read greens better from Fix Sharpshooter Putter Grip!

As a high school golf coach, I had to teach young golfers how to read the green to putt better. When I invented this grip, I had no idea how well it would work. The results are amazing.

The grip package comes with a cap that helps show how hard to putt the ball and where to aim. The cap doesn’t conform to USGA rules but is an awesome training aid for learning how to plumb bob and visualize the putt. In a short time, you can put the cap in the bag and putt like a pro without it. The one-of-a-kind grip does conform to USGA rules and feels fantastic.

The motto of the Fox Sharpshooter Putter Grip is; More sunk putts, more tap in two putts, and eliminate three putts, guaranteed.