Harmacy Hot Sauce Co.

Unique Handmade Hot Sauce

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Harmacy Hot Sauce Co. exists to create amazing, flavor-forward sauce that elevates food to new heights!

One taste of these small-batch sauces will tell you everything you need to know about the type of product we make. Harmacy hot sauces aim to create a depth of flavor not typically found in traditional hot sauces. The mix of fresh ingredients and flavorful spices form the foundation for a hot sauce that can be a base for dishes of all types, as well as an incredible spicy condiment like we all know and love.

Our company was founded in Cookeville, TN by a broke electrical engineering student who has been making hot sauces for himself and his friends for a couple of years with rave reviews. Born in Tampa, FL, and inspired by his Cuban-American heritage and upbringing, our founder believes that the value of taste is not measured in dollars, but in 'Mmmm's' and memories made. With our hot sauces, we strive to share our love for food and cooking with you.

Come try the award-winning flavor of Harmacy Hot Sauce and make the spice of our life yours!