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Candles - Gifts

Bottled, honeycomb, and beeswax candle products from Honeyflow Farm!

Honeyflow Farm has been part of Michigan agriculture, producing honey and U-Pick grapes for many years.

When you experience the fragrance of a field of wildflowers or an orchard in full bloom, envision this captured in a jar of our pure Michigan honey. The aroma emanates from the nectar in each flower. The bees collect this sweet nectar, return it to the hive and remove the excess moisture. This distilled nectar is honey! Comb honey, a product we specialize in, is the rawest and purest form of honey available.

The honeybees transform this honey into beeswax. The scent is magical and mysterious, cleaning and freshening the air when it is burned.

At the Beeswax Candle Shop - we use this wax to produce hand-dipped tapers, pillars, votives, tea lights, fragrance candles, beeswax figurines, and more.

We are a family-owned, conservative, Michigan small business.