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Man Breeze Scents

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Man Breeze Scent


The founder wanted his truck to smell manly but also fresh and clean. After an exhaustive look across the internet, along with trying several different "manly" smelling vehicle air fresheners, there we no options. Either the smells were a fake masculine scent or weak. He set out on a venture to create masculine-smelling air fresheners named after things associated with manliness.

Man Breeze was founded and a solution was created. With scents that favor a cigar humidor (sweet tobacco) to a lumber yard (pine/cedar) to a shave and a cut (high-end barbershop/shaving cream) wives and girlfriends no longer have to dread getting in his truck or car.

These scents have also been cheered upon by the ladies that have smelled them, even using them in their vehicles as well. Man Breeze air fresheners are not cheap gas station-smelling scents. They are clean, smooth and define pure American masculinity.

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