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About forty years ago, a Cuban immigrant named Angel Ross borrowed two thousand dollars from his mother and started his own business in the heart of New York City's Diamond District. He worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks to build his jewelry concern. He "BUILT IT" without government help and intervention. The kind of jewelry business built from the ground up with a reputation for untarnished credibility and customer commitment that would make any mother and American proud.

That company is ITI NYC, and I am his son Ian. Our company is looking forward to serving all Mammoth Nation customers with pride and utmost appreciation. We will provide and continually reaffirm the value, prompt and courteous service that has been his formula from the beginning. The roadmap to success begins and ends with that!

ITI NYC is your one and only source for all your jewelry needs at great prices. We specialize in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver religious jewelry and necklaces to match! Our religious collection is made up of thousands of crosses, crucifixes, saint medallions, hamsas, angels, and many more! We also carry a wide variety of lockets, charms, and earrings for all budgets and styles. We also sell over 1000+ styles of chains that can be purchased as a necklace, bracelet, anklet or rings. ITI NYC has over 40,000 jewelry-related products in a variety of sizes, shapes, karats, colors, and style!

We are a jewelry store and a jewelry hardware source with the largest in-stock selection of jewelry components such as findings, wire, plate and solder. We supply manufacturers as well as artisans who fabricate jewelry and hobbyists.

Our jewelry is all handcrafted with the finest quality workmanship. All products are distributed from our showroom in New York City's Diamond District, where I, or one of my sales associates, will be more than happy to assist you!