JAWS (Just Add Water Solutions)

Providing ECO-Friendly Solutions for Water, Land & Industry

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Spit Antifog - Scrub Mask & Slate Cleaner - Slosh Wetsuit Shampoo - Aqua Suds Wear Shampoo - Stowit Gear Bag
JAWS (Just Add Water Solutions) was founded in 2003 by a water enthusiast, offering at that time one product... "spit antifog." Since then, JAWS has added more products to our line with one mission in mind... to provide outrageously effective, ECO-friendly solutions for water sports, land sports and industrial needs.

We're not trying to be "everything to everybody" - we just try hard to be really good at what we do. JAWS creates solutions that enhance the enjoyment and comfort of whatever activity they're used for. We keep it simple, providing effective ECO-conscious products with names that are easy to recognize and remember. Best of all... we make all of our solutions in America!