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Kandu Sport Company


Perfect fitting swimsuits for women of all shapes and activity levels from Kandu Sport Company!

Better fitting American made swimwear from Kandu We are here to provide BETTER swimsuits for women. Most men don’t know (some of you do) that we women struggle with ill-fitting, non functioning swimwear that gets in the way of what we want to do. Standard market options are slim, touting looks but no function, made overseas. No woman likes to continually micromanage a slipping strap, things creeping up into places they shouldn’t be, suits that lose their shape after only a few wears and a suit that becomes transparent in a short amount of time and more…

We got styles that fit the variety of shapes women come in, and we backed those styles with specific ENGINEERING to ensure great fit. THINK about it, we make bulletproof clothing out of kevlar! And based on that alone, knowing we HAVE the technology, our founder set out to make BETTER swimsuits!

American made high quality swimwear from Kandu Sport Company
Made in small batches in the USA. Super high quality fabric that is super durable (yes, withstands chlorine, salt, hot tubs etc) so we women can do anything we desire: Waterski, jet ski, kiteboarding, competitive swimming, open ocean swimming, Stand Up paddle boarding, surfing, wakeboarding, triathlon, beach volleyball, you name it, you can do it in this suit! Oh, and LOOK FAB!!

As we always say, “live adventurously, just take the right swimsuit with you!”

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