KiltronX Enviro Systems

KiltronX Enviro Systems

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KiltronX Enviro System


KiltronX Enviro Systems has a long history in public health, particularly poison-free products used to reduce insect transmitted disease including bed bugs, kissing bugs, ticks, fleas, mites & mosquitos and most crawling insects.
Sustainably driven to meet present needs without compromising future generations, KiltronX utilizes recycled raw materials in our textiles and Green Engineered poison free, pyrethrum free, glyphosate free Food Grade and EPA Exempt materials to produce our proprietary products.

Other KiltronX hallmarks: advanced chemistry, anchoring techniques; expertise from decades of experience in textile manufacturing; rigorous testing and evaluation criteria, and scale up manufacturing.

KiltronX offers a wide selection of eco-friendly green bio-pesticides products that help prevent and eliminate/kills potentially deadly vector insects without Poisons (Bed Bugs, Fleas, Lice, Ants, Mosquitoes, Roaches, Spiders) in 30 seconds or less from infecting people with any one of over forty (40) pathogens that destroy lives and property.

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