L.C. King Manufacturing

The Best Jacket, Jean, Chore Coat, Overall or Barn Coats

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Jeans - Work Pants - Long-Sleeve and Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirts - Overalls - Jackets - Shorts - Utility & Work Clothing
100% American Made clothing from L.C. King Manufacturing!

L.C. King Manufacturing is the oldest cut and sew factory in America that makes our own brand, still run by the founding family. We are located in Downtown Bristol, Tennessee, and have been sewing for 110 years. Several employees have been with us for over 30 Years.

We aim to make the BEST jacket, jeans, chore coats, overall,s and barn coats with 100% US-sourced raw materials.

You’ll be proud to Say – “I’m Wearing Clothing 100% Made in the USA!”