Leather Link Studio

Exquisite 'Handmade to Hand Down' Leather Goods

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Gun Cases - Conceal Carry Purses - Belts - Wine Totes

Leather Link Studio, located in High Point, NC, is a premium leather goods company specializing in crafting high-end sporting/hunting accessories since 1985. Our extensive product line includes: Rifle and Shotgun cases, pistol cases, shell bags, market tote and wine tote bags, duffle bags, cell phone purses, crossbody clutches, messenger and sling bags, cuff bracelets, belts, garment bags, computers cases and conceal carry purses

Leather Link Studio's use of top-quality leathers and attention to detail has established us as a trusted name in the realm of leather goods. We create fashion-forward, handmade one-of-a-kind leather products. Our motto is "Handmade to Hand Down."