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Handcrafted Custom Wood Products

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Keepsake Boxes - Storage Boxes - Boxes w/Sliding Lids - Walnut Pet Urns - In Session/Do Not Disturb Signs

Hand-crafted custom wood products from Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engravings! Mad Tree Woodcrafts is a company fueled by creativity, collaboration and care.

Founders Tyler, a wood-craftsman and farmer, and Christy, a former corporate executive, aligned their true passions and talents when founding their company. They love to help their wonderful clients create and engrave wooden keepsake boxes, custom woodcrafts and signs to help you slow down and cherish life’s small moments. All of our woodcrafts and engraved products are handmade at our shops in Columbus, Ohio or in Serenbe (outside Atlanta, Georgia) and each product is an expression that embodies our company’s purpose: To live, love and laugh with others, and make great products with our whole hearts that are full of the passion we have inside of us and want to share with others.

What we do is different from other manufacturers. The result is everlasting and we anticipate our products to be passed on for generations. We are craftspeople. We never cut corners. We never substitute cheap wood or hardware. That’s not who we are. The costs are greater to be a craftsman but that’s who we are and we look at everything we do as art.

Our work is a reflection of the very best within us and we put our heart and soul into each order or project. We care about the work we do. We surround ourselves with people who care. We show our clients how we care about them. Utilizing excellent craftsmanship, we look forward to creating products at a fair price with no surprises that you or your gift recipients will love and treasure for a lifetime. Mad Tree Woodcrafts ensures a frictionless customer experience by focusing on tending to our client’s needs – creatively, collaboratively and with love and care.