Million Dollar Collar

Collar Stay That Helps Keep Your Dress Shirts Looking Sharp

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Collar Stay - Collared Shirts - Dress Shirts - Cuff Link Adapters - FLXCUF
These days, most people don't wear a necktie with their dress shirts but still want to look professional and put-together. Million Dollar Collar is the solution to a problem that exists for all dress shirt wearers. Think Collar Stay, except 9” long, and it goes into the placket (buttons/holes) part of the shirt. This keep gives much-needed reinforcement and prevents the weight of the collar from collapsing the placket.

Million Dollar Collar was born after inventor Rob Kessler saw his beach wedding photos and hated the way his shirt looked on the biggest day of his life. The stays are 100% MADE IN THE USA and we are a proud small business, with parents and siblings helping out. Our placket stays were even featured on Fox Business' new show, Billion Dollar Idea. Once you wear a shirt with Million Dollar Collar's patented placket stays installed, you'll never look at casually worn dress shirts the same way again.