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Nests & Burrows for a Variety of Bird Species - Cedar Planter

High-quality handcrafted nests for a variety of species from Patriot Nests!

Patriot Nests is proudly American-owned and operated out of the First State by a woman! I am a wife, mother, woodworker and business owner. I meticulously handcraft nest boxes, nest cones, nest shelves and roosts for feathered and non-feathered cavity nesting friends such as various species of owls, ducks, bats, woodpeckers, bluebirds and other small birds. These are all built to the recommended dimensions and specifications for each species by experts. I offer safe custom options such as paint, stain, sealer, clean-out doors, camera installation, viewing windows and more. You will truly have a one-of-a-kind product.

I build using only premium materials that are made in the USA. Each product includes key features which increase both safety for wildlife and longevity; Recessed floors, drainage holes, upward angled ventilation holes, roof overhangs, fledgling ladders, waterproof glue, seams caulked, coated stainless steel screws and thick wood or PVC for better insulation. These products are each built with love and will last!

Patriot Nests goal is two-fold; Provide wildlife with a safe and cozy place to nest and raise their young. In doing so, you will aid in wildlife conservation. There are many species whose populations are declining due to habitat loss, urbanization, insecticides, etc. Some species even rely on artificial nest cones and burrows to nest as they do not build their own. Secondly, bring the joys of nature closer to home. Watching nature in action is beneficial by reducing stress, improving moods, happiness, and physical health.

Thank you for stopping by Patriot Nests. I look forward to working with you and building your wildlife a safe and distinctive nesting place shipped for free. Welcome to the Patriot Nests Family!