Zone Protects

Insect, Pest Control / Pet Training

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Pest Control - Pet Training and Protection - Deer, Rabbit and Snake Repellents
Protect yourself and your pets from harmful insect bites with Zone Protects!

As a faith-based, patriotic company, the mission at Zone Protects is to help and protect people. Zone is a chemical manufacturer in North Alabama specializing in DEET-free, picaridin-based insect repellents (including Realtree licensed products), all-natural and highly effective animal repellents such as digging dog prevention, deer/rabbit repellent, and pet chewing deterrents.

Zone Protects also has a line of pet training and protection products to help redirect your pet from destructive behavior and protect them from disease-carrying insects.

The acquisition of On Quack Car Detailing chemicals will give everyone unique, high-quality, fun products to keep their vehicles clean and protected. The newest brand family to join Zone is Zeal Home Products. Zeal offers affordable deck/house mold and fungus removal products, as well as concrete and flooring cleaners. With a passion for cleanliness, Zeal products are the best choice.

Best Selling Products:
  • Zone No Holes Digging Dog Prevention
  • Zone Protects Don't Chew Dare Pet Chewing Deterrent
  • Zone Protects Dillo Dun Armadillo Repellent
  • Zone Realtree Invisible Hunter Insect Repellents
  • Zone Protects Unscented Insect Repellents