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Ammo Speedloaders - Rifle Slings - Holsters
Pew Patriot is a proud American-owned small business out of Tampa, Florida that brings excellence in products, design, and service to the firearms industry. We at Pew Patriot pride ourselves on innovative and unique designs and solutions. Please be sure to check out our reviews and leave us one of your own. If you're not completely thrilled with our products, not only will we take it back, but we will listen to your concerns and try to make it better. That's what innovation is all about! We are proud to offer our custom-designed ergonomic loaders as well as rifle slings and handmade in America Leather holsters at the best price around to Mammoth Nation Members!

Save your thumbs and make loading easy!
Ergonomic speed loaders by Pew Patriot take some time to get used to; but once you get comfortable using them, they make loading almost any double-stack magazine a breeze. It's as simple as a thumb press, inserting a bullet into the stopper, sliding the loader up, and then inserting the bullet completely into the magazine. The more you practice, the faster it will become until it's second nature to load a full magazine in seconds without hurting your fingers! What this loader brings to you that others don't is that it applies the force used on the bullet parallel with the bullet channel of the magazine, making your push easier and more effective. The patent pending design remains unmatched.

Thin Blue Line Rifle Slings
NEW Pew Patriot Distressed Thin Blue Line Tactical Rifle Slings are a graphic sublimation sling that is 52 inches long and fully adjustable. This particular design is inspired by America's Law Enforcement and all they do for our communities. We at Pew Patriot wanted to honor our men and women in blue who serve and protect us every day. Some of our staff are retired law enforcement and we pride ourselves on being part of the blue family. Our flag; though tattered and worn due to the battle, flies high and proud on both sides of the sling just like the standard American Flag sling. The flag graphic flips to be correct and properly shown on the rear just as well as the front and stands out as a symbol of freedom and expression to everyone around that you're a proud American patriot that supports your country and local law enforcement. Likewise, these straps were designed and developed 100% in America and produced 100% in Canada out of the finest leathers.