Promised Grounds

Serving Christ With Every Cup. This is Coffee, the Christian Way.

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Coffee the Christian Way.

What does that mean? That means organically farmed American-roasted coffee that reflects your values. But it also means that every ounce you drink gets answered in Christian mission trips, delivering clean water to those who need it. That's our Ounce-For-Ounce Promise.

We Promise:
That our sourcing makes Him proud.
That our coffee makes you happy...
That every ounce is given back.

We've got a collection of values-inspired blends available in 12 oz bags, 5lb bags, and coffee pods. We've also some gear so you can let everyone know what "divinely inspired" looks like. Use the link to subscribe to our coffee, and as an exclusive Mammoth Nation gift, get 75% off the first order with a three-month minimum subscription!