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Carrie Beavers’ journey into the coffee industry began with a profound awakening. It was 2019, and Carrie had just filed a claim with the VA for PTSD related to MST (military sexual trauma). This process brought her suppressed emotions to the surface, and she found herself battling unhealthy behaviors and thoughts of ending her life. Her resilience kicked in when she contacted a veterans’ support group online. Through their stories, she realized she wasn’t alone.

With a newfound purpose, Carrie embarked on a mission to make a difference. The alarming veteran suicide rate was a stark reminder of the struggles many face after their service. Joining a veterans’ crisis team, she sought mentorship and confidence within a veterans’ business mentorship group online. It was here that the seeds of Soldier Girl Coffee were planted, and its unique mission to combat veteran isolation and suicide began to take shape.

Carrie is all about building a community. She networks, hires veterans, supports veteran businesses, and donates to veteran programs. Soldier Girl Coffee isn’t just about coffee; it’s a movement. The personal connections she forges with her customers through social media interactions and sharing her own experiences build trust and make every cup a symbol of unity.

Sustainability is vital, and Soldier Girl Coffee is committed to eco-friendly practices. Their Rainforest Alliance certification ensures ethical sourcing, while on-site hydropower and biomass furnaces reflect their dedication to clean energy. Healthy land and water systems directly contribute to the quality of their coffee.

Soldier Girl Coffee’s initiatives extend beyond coffee beans. From challenging stereotypes in a Discovery Channel commercial to raising funds for veteran nonprofits, Carrie Beavers is a force for positive change. Her brand resonates with veterans and civilians alike who support her mission. 

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