Roast 808

The Best Sustainably Sources, Small-Batch Coffee

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Espresso - Decaf - Medium Roast

Fueled by Passion. Crafted by science. Driven by you.
Why Roast 808?
In numerology, it is a sign of the importance of aligning our intentions with our higher purpose.

Roast 808 is a true small-batch specialty-grade coffee roaster that is owned and operated by patriotic families who love our country, first responders, the military, and our Constitution. We buy American and support local businesses whenever possible. We believe in giving back to the community and personally support the following worthwhile organizations:

  • Tunnels to Towers
  • Wounded Warrior Project St.
  • Jude's Children's Research Hospital
  • Racing for the Warriors
  • Folds of Honor
  • Heroic Flags
  • Our mission at Roast 808 is to provide our customers with the best sustainably sourced, small-batch coffee found anywhere. We make this commitment by adhering to the following approach:

    • Buying only specialty-grade coffee beans means our farmers are paid a fair wage, and our customers get the highest quality coffee beans from their favorite regions.
    • Roasting a maximum of 20 lb batches allows us to control every aspect of the roasting process every time in order to get the distinct flavors out of the different origins that our beans come from.
    • Thoroughly researching our green beans to ensure that they are the highest quality. We then roast and cup every sample batch to guarantee they meet our high standards.