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Relief from hemorrhoid discomfort from Rrhoid Rage!

Rrhoid Rage started off as a joke but turned into a serious business idea. We are a small startup business looking to challenge large corporations like Pfizer and others in this industry. The founder and owner, Trey, is a disabled combat veteran who suffered from hemorrhoids for almost 15 years until he had surgery to remove them, and his wife, Tori, is also disabled. She was born profoundly deaf in both ears and wears cochlear implants. She, too, suffered from internal hemorrhoids after two pregnancies and experienced lasting relief using our products! She is the creative and design backbone for Rrhoid Rage.

We currently offer two products, hemorrhoid ointment, and fiber/magnesium gummies. Our gummies are meant to help with digestion and constipation, thus preventing hemorrhoids from occurring and keeping them at bay. The ointment is our flagship product that works great and is a really good alternative to Pfizer-owned Preparation H. We have many more products in the works and hope to see more products go live soon.