Sensitively Yours

Beautiful Hypoallergenic Earrings

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High-Quality earrings with a lifetime guarantee from Sensitively Yours!

Built from a high-quality surgical stainless steel foundation, Sensitively Yours earrings are your best resource against an allergic reaction in pierced ears. They are designed to be lightweight and easy on the earlobe while at the same time possessing the style and fashion to complement all clothing accessories. The combined effect is that satisfied customers of Sensitively Yours™ earrings enjoy the beauty and distinction of quality earrings with no allergic reaction or sensitivity. A multitude of designer styles are also available that are affordable and perfect for any wardrobe. Our earrings include styles in the 24K gold plating, as well as the barrel, polished surgical stainless steel to simulate a silver finish.

We stand by our country and our products. All of our earrings come with a lifetime guarantee. If the original buyer of our products develops an allergic reaction to them at any time in their lives, they can return them for a full refund. After 18 years in business, we are firmly devoted to customer service, now more than ever. We truly believe this is your answer to wearing earrings comfortably again.