Wastebasket Tray Designed to Provide Easy Access to Items

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Wastebasket Tray for Cabinets
Get your hands on a SHELFMAID® Wastebasket Tray and make your life easier!

SHELFMAID® Products, Inc. was formed in 1993, and the SHELFMAID® Wastebasket Tray has been featured at Home Shows, on QVC, in the Amway catalog, and sold in numerous ACE Hardware stores, and Eagle Hardware and Garden, prior to being bought by Lowe's, in the past.

The SHELFMAID® Wastebasket Tray is designed to provide easy access to items stored in a cabinet that requires constant access. SHELFMAID® is ideal for those who like to store their wastebasket in an under-sink cabinet. SHELFMAID® will slide out of the cabinet as the door opens and slide back in as it closes, alleviating having to pull items out to access them.

Purchase a SHELFMAID® to equip your home with an easy-to-install, easy-to-use wastebasket tray system. After comparing like items to SHELFMAID®, the difference in value is easy to see. You will not want to be without SHELFMAID® after experiencing its convenience time after time, day in and day out.
  • Fits in existing cabinetry
  • Easy to install
  • Durable tray and slide mechanism
  • Reversible for left- and right-hand cabinet door swings
  • Screwdriver and tape measure are required for installation
  • Wastebasket not included